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New & Used Tires

Need new tires for your truck or car? Don’t settle for just any tires, come to Kirksville Auto Works & Troy Mills Auto Service and allow us to assist you with finding the tires that are right for you. We offer a selection of both new and used tires and can get tires for most any make or model quickly. Once you have selected which tires you feel best about, we will change the tires out with your old ones and dispose of them for you.

If you are only needing a flat repaired we can do that for you too.

In fact, here are just a few of the tire-related services we can perform for you:

There simply are not any tire services we cannot handle.

For best results and to extend the life of your tires and tread, it is recommended that you rotate your tires at least every third oil change (every 9,000 miles). This will insure that you receive the most tread-life possible and can help to keep your steel belts from breaking.